Selling Your Miami Beach Home This Holiday Season?


sell your home during the holidaysHigh Season has begun for Miami Beach, the time of year when buyers and Winter travelers escape the colder Northern states or travel for the holidays in search of their next summer home or Miami Beach vacation homes in warmer climate. This helps in creating an ideal time for Miami Beach Real Estate sellers. Traditionally though, the holiday season is a time for family events and travel, therefore it is not the best time to sell your Miami Beach home due to tight schedules, weather conditions, seasonal travel and overall busy schedules. However if you still would like to sell your luxury waterfront Miami Beach home before year-end during those times in High season where buyers look to purchase a South Beach home, there are some things you can do to make your home outshine other listings.

You may even find that the holiday season makes for a better sale due to one fact that only serious buyers are spending the time to view your home due to all those demands. Your Miami Beach home-buyer could also have goals or timeframe deadlines they are trying to meet with regards to the end of the year, giving you a more solid escrow, as well.


Suggestions to get your Miami Beach home ready while still enjoying the holiday season:

  •  Warm up your Miami Beach home and your buyers with freshly baked treats, a comfortable thermostat, and a few well-chosen decorations.  Remember the “less is more” phrase and keep surfaces clear and neat when possible.
  •     Only use the best high resolution photos in your online and paper MIami Beach Real Estate advertising. When it’s cold out, more buyers shop from home and only venture out if they REALLY like what they see.
  •     Maintenance of your luxury home on Miami Beach is critical at this time. Many potential buyers may “drive by” and you need to make sure their first impression leads them to want to know more.
  •     Use a Miami Beach real estate agent who knows your area. An agent who specializes in relocation could be key, as well, since job transfers often create end of the year buyers. Give me a call to see how quickly we can get your MIami Beach home sold!


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