Choosing the Size of Your New Miami Beach Home


Tumbleweed tiny house - an option for your new home?Trends in Miami Beach home buying are based on averages, the medium between extremes. Price per SF, interior SF and land size are some of the most important factors that help home buyers choose a Miami Beach home. Today’s national real estate economy has spurred the need for downsizing and created a market for the so called “tiny home,”  but for Miami Beach luxury homes, properties can range in size from normal sized single-family homes to estates, mansions and even residences that look like palaces. It wasn’t too long ago when every new home buyer was searching for the perfect Miami Beach waterfront “McMansion” and still today, many new home buyers still want a relatively average to medium sized home for their families, while affluent Miami Beach investors and buyers still consider the ample SF and size of a home to be a big factor in deciding to buy. If you have a large sized Miami Beach waterfront home for sale, you can command a great price from potential buyers in that niche market. If you are considering buying a Miami Beach home deciding the size /SF is a very personal choice and many considerations should be taken into account before your purchase.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions When Buying Your New Miami Beach Home

  • What are your needs in your new luxury home in Miami Beach?
  • Consider a single-family Miami Beach Home? Do you need space geared to a large or small family or is studio living for one person?
  • Is a guest room (Maids quarters, mother-in-law, Den Office, you fill in the blank) a necessity on a short or long-term basis?
  • Do you prefer a one-story or bi-level / two-story styled Miami Beach home?
  • Do you enjoy cleaning house or prefer a minimalist approach for luxury Miami Beach home?
  • What’s more appealing to you – functional space or white space?
  • What’s your lifestyle and how will it play out in your Miami Beach waterfront home – more formal or more casual?
  • How do you feel when entering friends’ luxury Miami Beach homes?  What impresses YOU?

Asking these questions can more easily direct you to options you may not have contemplated initially when searching for your new home.  Take some time and consult with a Miami Beach real estate agent who knows the South Beach area so that when it is time to buy, you can focus on what matters most to you in your new Miami Beach home, other than location, of course.  IF your interested in seeing the latest trend in “tiny homes,” visit the Tiny House Blog here.

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