The Unique Appeal of Miami Beach Luxury Homes


As a long-time resident of Miami Beach, I’ve witnessed a remarkable transformation in our community.  When I moved to Miami Beach in 1992, the waterfront island communities consisted of mostly aging, smaller winter homes that had long-ago seen their heyday.  For example, Palm Island was where Barbara Walters grew up, and where Al Capone had a winter hideaway.

Palm Island

The most recent evidence of Miami Beach’s resurgence and rise to national prominence can be witnessed in the recent DNC fundraiser that was held at the Glorida Estefan’s house on Star Island, featuring a personal appearance by none other than Barack Obama.


Miami Beach waterfront homes continue to attract celebrities, high net wealth individuals (otherwise known as the rich and famous), and those seeking security and privacy. The architectural uniqueness, beauty, quality of life, and the rich variety of homes in the different island communities is like no other on the planet.

Miami Beach Luxury Homes Hibiscus Island Home For sale

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