What to Look for in a Listing Agent


Choosing a Miami Beach listing Agent is very important for seller of any properties in Miami Beach.  Having worked & sold luxury waterfront homes and condominiums for over 12 years in Miami Beach, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our viewers and readers to our new video series dedicated to SELLERS.  What are some of the traits and skills to look for in a real estate agent who will be marketing your property?

The first trait or quality that I recommend- attention to details:  the listing agent should be very knowledgeable about the home, building, or specific condominium that they are exclusively marketing.  This means knowing from memory (or have the information readily available) such as lot size, key features of the property, number of homes in a community, homeowner association dues, zoning and legal restrictions (if any).  Being meticulous with pictures, written text, and brochures- all of online and print media should present the condo or home in the BEST possible way.  This is most important today- given that in overall Miami and Miami Beach we are working in a BUYERS market.

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